5 tips on how to properly engage with your Headhunter or Agency Recruiter to advance your career. Not every job can be a match but the right one may be just around the corner. – It’s all about timing!

  • 1st  find a REAL Headhunter:  Yep, that easy!!! Not an internal recruiter… Find a networked headhunter that is consistently selling to new clients in your space. They will have a better pulse on what positions are coming soon. Plus- a “good” Headhunter is always selling “GREAT” people to their new prospects. If you have one advocating on your behalf it will bring you more traffic.
  • Honest and open communication: No one wants you to make more money than us! Fact, not even your better half! We will rally for you and do everything in our power to get you the best offer from our clients.  BUT, we need you to be transparent in the process on other offers and other companies. It dramatically helps us frame your case, and the best recruiters will not waste your time or push you into an interview for a job that doesn’t advance your career… BUT junior recruiters will, just to make a paycheck – Beware!!
  • Never flake on an interview!  You ask what if I got another offer?? Congratulations, no big deal! The market you live in is small, and guess what? Your next job will not be your last!  Last minute cancelations are the kiss of death….. When that hiring manger gets a new job at a better company (Your dream company) well he or she will remember you flaking. Even if you are going to pass you can still build a valuable relationship and learn from the experience.  In addition, if you follow rule #2, a good recruiter will coach you through the best procedures. Saving a valuable future relationship.
  • Nail EVERY interview: Prepare to the max and knock each interview out of the park. I know it is a candidate market and you have tons of offers but lose the EGO as the best companies can see right through that!! I hate when my client rejects my candidatesbecause they didn’t interview well. I have no problem if you turn down my client as I want you to have the choice to better YOUR career. Several times, I see people go into an interview half ass it (pardon my French), then call us back and say: “Hey, I really want that job.” Then the manager says they blew the interview. If you are going to step up to the plate, bring a bat and swing for the FENCES. No one likes to strike out looking!
  • Prep, Prep, PREP! You can never do too much due diligence for an interview. This is the how to of the last tip. Your recruiter should have knowledge on: The Manager, the questions what they want to hear. They will also help structure your delivery. Remember,interviewing is like giving a speech. WRITE out your answers to the test then when you deliver your answers they will most likely be spot on. If you wing it when the questions get heated, you will have many ‘Um’s and awe’s ‘ trying to fill space while you deliver your answer.
  • Extra credit tip!!! The best interviewers ask the best questions. Period. It shows you did your homework and if the hiring manager responds; “Great question”, you know you are doing good.  Lose the “tell me about your culture?” or “what is the typical day?” Add: “What are you doing to take market share away from company X?”

GOOD luck and I hope that you land your dream job in 2019!