Sales Search

After over a decade of working with VP’s of Sales and CRO’s of leading technology and product companies, we have learned there is nothing more valuable than hiring an elite sales rep. On the other hand, the estimated cost of hiring the wrong sales rep can result in over hundreds of thousands of dollars lost to your bottom line and net profit. Our recruiters are trained to extract and qualify the best sales professionals, which will result in an increase in revenue for your sales division. Please find listed below some of the areas in which we provide excellent resources for our clients.

BSR/BDR lead qualification
Inside Sales Representatives
Account executive
Sales Analyst

Sales Engineer
Technical Sales Rep
Sales Directors
Professional Services Managers

Customer Success Manager
Account Manager
CSM Directors

Marketing Search

In today’s business environment, budgets are tight, resources are limited, and organizations are forced to make difficult decisions. We believe the heart of your business success lies in its marketing. The overall marketing umbrella covers advertising, public relations, analytics, and your online branding.

Our expert recruiters have experience working with CMO’s and CEO’s from highly reputable startups as well as successful enterprises. We pride ourselves in delivering the right marketing talent to execute your marketing initiatives with a skill set that matches your strategy. Our top candidates are digitally savvy, highly analytical, possess significant reach on the web, and have experience creating remarkable content.

Product Marketing
Data Analytics
Marketing Analyst
UX UI Design
SEM SEO Manager

Online Marketing
Public Relations
Product Management
Content Writer
Graphic Designer
Creative Director

Growth Hackers
Event Marketing
Project Management
Web Designer
Email Marketing
Ecommerce Manager Art

Executive Search

There is nothing more important to your company’s overall success than its leadership. Executive recruitment requires a sophisticated blend of factual research, delivery of services, and refined insight to assure a true cultural fit. Your organization cannot afford to hire the wrong executive leaders. At Hire Level Search Group, we believe that at the core of every executive search is a trusted recruitment partnership. Our proven project management methodologies are implemented to assure that you retain the best leadership, which is essential to your executive search. We have a team of recruiters and researchers excited to begin working towards achieving your company’s executive level goals.

CEO | VP of Sales | CMO | VP of Marketing | CRO