Popular Questions

At Hire Level Search our process is much different than traditional staffing and recruitment agencies. We customize our engagement for each client with unmatched support through the process of finding the right talent and filling roles.

The fee for our Head Hunting services is a based on a percentage of the candidates compensation. The fee ranges from 20%-30% of the candidates 1st year compensation. The fee is based on 3 pivotal factors:

  • The level of the search Entry Level to C level executives.
  • Timing how fast do you need this done
  • The desired skillset and market availability

The good news is you only pay us if we successfully deliver the right candidate for your company. One of our recruiting experts can consult with you the best way to structure a contract that supports all your hiring needs.

Absolutely! Our guarantee is based on the amount of time our client can deem the candidate is going to be a successful hire. We are extremely proud to say that in 7 years of running our business we have had less than 2% precent of candidates need to be replaced. Of that 2% that fell off we successfully replaced the candidate every time.

We have a proven 5 step recruitment process that has been successful for 15 years.

  1. Free Position Consultation- Our placement experts will help you define exactly what you need
  2. Identification- Our sourcing team Identifies all the potential available talent for your role
  3. Qualification- Our recruiting experts use a 3 step venting process to assure candidates are top quality
  4. Delivery- We keep the candidates engaged through the entire interview process constantly providing Feedback
  5. CLOSE- We negotiate the offer with candidate and prepare them to start

Throughout the guarantee period we provide feedback to client and candidate on performance.

We are Talent Acquisition experts that can secure the best Sales Marketing and Financial talent across all US Markets. Our specialties are:

  • Technology Hardware
  • Software
  • e-commerce
  • AI
  • Financial Services
  • Security
  • Advertising
  • Manufacturing
  • Professional Services
  • Healthcare
  • Consumer Products
We have over two decades of professional recruitment expertise our network is second to none. Years of successful head hunting and networking has developed a massive passive referral network giving us access to the best candidates in the market. We do not post or use gimmicky technology like Zip Recruiter that generate subpar results.

Direct Hire
Our Specialized recruiting experts will source, recruit, and deliver the best talent for your team. We secure highly qualified candidates that will directly deliver ROI, as well as people that will assimilate with your culture that you can build around.

Retained Search
Retained search is preferable in cases where our clients have a pressing executive level need that requires a candidate who will hold key leadership responsibilities and whose services are integral to overall organizational success. Given the strategic importance of these positions, there is often a degree of urgency, and often confidentiality, that accompanies this type of search.

Our flexible contract-to-hire option provides clients with the benefits of a traditional contract staffing model, but with the added option of ultimately hiring our consultant as your permanent employee. The ability to observe a consultant on the job to determine if they are the right long-term fit for an opportunity is a feature that nearly all of our clients find invaluable.

General Questions

As your trusted partner, Hire Level Search provides complete transparency through our process of sourcing you the with best possible talent to meet your goals.

Fees may differ depending on the engagement level, seniority of the position, skills required, number of roles, and location. You may choose to pay when the candidate starts or in installments. Anywhere for 20%-30% of the candidates 1st year compensation.
Staffing is recruiting. The difference is staffing companies will provide to the client hourly employees that are on the Agency’s payroll for a marked up fix cost to cover the payroll fees. Usually used in large companies or for admin and labor type of positions.

Yes and NO

When you partner with an experienced Agency They can deliver a much wider breadth and depth of candidates. When you have a crucial hire that will dramatically affect the ROI, Scalability and Growth of your company. Getting Better talent faster without the headache of managing the process. A good agency will not only find and secure talent, but help them through

Agencies may not be worth it if it is a low level position or entry level position of short term position

Post covid world many candidates and companies offer remote or hybrid work options. Offering a remote work option will increase the viable candidates for the position and may increase or decrease the cost of a hire pending location. The real issue is if you are not offering a remote or Hybrid solution you may miss out on great talent in your own location.

1st not all agencies are alike.

Larger Agencies are better at High Volume roles Smaller Agencies Usually have seasoned recruiters that can do more pin point head hunting.

Always reference check your agencies. For key hires the recruiter should have years of experience in filling your type of positions Sales marketing IT. In addition, they should have experience hiring in your industry was well especially for Sales.

Lastly, make sure the person that you are dealing with will be doing the actual recruiting

No, it is not wise to use multiple agencies at once. Pitting two or more agencies against each other makes the search less appealing. You will never get 100% commitment to fill and get less talent. It is better to use one at a time even if it is a trial period. You will get better service.

How Hire Level Search Works