Hiring for a specialized field such as technology and IT can be a daunting task as there are many factors that can deter potential candidates.

The right choice of words plays a crucial role in keeping the desired candidates interested, as even a single misspoken phrase may send them running for the hills. It is vital to allocate more time for listening than speaking during interviews, and thus the 20% talking should be utilized effectively with the right words to attract top talent.

Many small companies assign employment and HR issues to operation executives or other employees who may not have the specialized training to navigate these operational areas correctly & compliance with state regulations. A company may consultant administrator, HR is ideal solutions.

“42% of candidates are after an appealing company culture. How can you provide this?”Entreprenuer.com

In several organizations, especially startups, employment and HR matters are often delegated to operational executives or other personnel who may lack the necessary expertise to handle these aspects effectively and comply with state regulations. To address this challenge, a consultant or administrator in HR can provide an ideal solution for the company.

Want to ensure you know exactly what to say? Here are a few tech recruiter cliches to avoid:

  • “Are you ready to make a difference?”

  • “We are seeking highly competent individuals.”

  • “We are searching for individuals who are enthusiastic about our product.”

  • “We’re looking for a expert capable of coding magic!”

  • “Our team is full of the best of the best, do you want to join?”

  • “We offer beer and wine every Friday, what do you think about that?”

  • “What do you make and what do you want?”

  • “Join our team of rockstars!”

  • “There’s no one else like us out there.”

  • “We’re on so many platforms, no one else can touch us!”

  • “This is a HUGE opportunity!”

  • “If you don’t join us, you’ll be sorry. We’re the best.”

  • “Our product combines all of these elements and it’s SO original!”

  • “Risk is something we thrive on, it makes us victorious!”

  • “What is the true difference between your last few positions?”

  • “We were impressed by your work. Would you be interested in working with us?” (When you already work for their company)

  • “We need someone who has x amount of years of experience in this program.” (the program has only been out for a few years)

  • “Can you give us a response? We need to know if you’re interested or not.”

Some of these may seem a little far-fetched. And, if that’s the case then congratulations! But, you may still be using some form of these without even knowing. Watching what you say to a candidate and potential employee can make all the difference. So, jot down a few and next time an interview comes around, stop yourself from slipping!

Avoid using these phrases in job advertisements.

When recruiting, keep it short and direct. Be upfront about the company and position in order to give candidates an accurate picture of what they are signing up for. Showcase achievements and company culture; 42% of candidates prioritize culture when looking for a job, and companies with great cultures experience 34% less turnover. It’s a win-win situation.

Recruiting talented individuals is essential for any business. Ensure that you have a clear job description and that you are honest about the position. Do not exaggerate or give false impressions about the company culture.

Provide clear, concise information when advertising a job opening. Include instructions on how to submit an application, needed requirements, and any other relevant information. Make company contact details available. If the application process is unclear or incomplete, it may discourage good talent from applying and obstruct your ability to collect information about their capabilities.

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